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CSM Abrasives Plus is a specialist sanding discs supplier, selling a wide range of abrasive sanding discs of different grits, types and sizes at affordable prices.

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Sanding discs are used for applying sanded finishes to wood, paint, plaster, metals, composites and many other materials. The discs are attached to orbital and detail sander power tools using either self adhesive or Velcro.

Self Adhesive Sanding Discs

Self Adhesive sanding discs are commonly found on 125mm and 150mm dual action (d/a) sanders, but are becoming less common as velcro sanding discs have become cheaper and more convenient. The disc has an adhesive coating applied to it, so that when it is pressed to the backing pad, it sticks in place. This adhesive is called pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA).

Velcro Sanding Discs

Velcro sanding discs have a fluffy back, which enables them to be attached to the Velcro surface of the sanders backing pad. These discs are also referred to as velours backed sanding discs. The advantage of this type of disc is that it can be easily removed from the sander before it is worn out, and reused at a later date.

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Grip-a-Disc 50mm Sanding Disc
£0.55 - £20.79 incl. VAT
Grip-a-Disc 80mm Sanding Disc
£1.32 - £56.83 incl. VAT
Interface Pad 150mm 6 plus 1 Holes
£5.46 incl. VAT
Interface Pad 150mm 9 Holes
£5.46 incl. VAT
Interface Pad 150mm No Holes
£5.46 incl. VAT
Sia Fibotec Velours Discs Aluminium Oxide 1960
£1.13 - £31.00 incl. VAT
SiaSpeed 1950 Fibotec 150mm Velours Backed Discs
£1.13 - £31.01 incl. VAT
Small Aluminium Oxide Sanding Discs 35mm Velours Backed
£0.22 - £7.51 incl. VAT
Small Aluminium Oxide Sanding Discs 50mm Velours Backed
£0.32 - £12.71 incl. VAT
Small Aluminium Oxide Sanding Discs 75mm Velours Backed
£0.50 - £21.78 incl. VAT
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