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ZIRCONIA 200mm Self Adhesive / Sticky Backed Sanding Discs

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ZIRCONIA 200mm Self Adhesive / Sticky Backed Sanding Discs



ZIRCONIA 200mm Self Adhesive / Sticky Backed Sanding Discs

Zirconia blue coloured self adhesive disc, on heavyweight paper

200mm Self Adhesive / Sticky Backed Zirconia Sanding Discs by Abramesh

These sticky back discs are constructed with a zirconia abrasive on a cloth backing. Abramesh™ have specifically designed them for the machine sanding of metals. They will cope with stainless steel and mild steels, and are practically everlasting when used to sand wood. The backing material is heavy duty cloth, and retains its integrity when the disc is removed from the machine. To attach to your machine, simply peel the protective film from the disc, locate the disc, and roll it onto the backing plate  so as to avoid possible air bubbles being trapped between the disc and the plate. Make sure that the backing plate is clean and dry to ensure the abrasive disc adheres properly.  A tip when removing the discs from the plate, is to warm it up slightly so that it will peel off without leaving any residue. Always clean the backing plate surface before applying the new disc. Other products in the Abramesh™ range, include 250mm and 305mm Zirconia discs, and 75mm Zirconia cloth rolls. The abrasive grain on the disc is designed for sanding hard materials and will not break away, thus when sanding wood, it may tend to clog up. This can be dealt with by using the belt and disc cleaning stick to maximise the long lasting characteristics of the abrasive. 

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