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Grip-A-Disc Shear Sanding Kit 75mm



Grip-A-Disc Shear Sanding Kit 75mm

This starter kit includes the handle, gripper head and 10 grip-a-discs. The tool provides a sanding solution to the finishing of the inside of high top bowls, goblets and other difficult to access areas by allowing access behind lips and into the hollowed out area. It also goes a long way towards improving safety on the lathe as your fingers are well away from the rotating workpiece during the sanding operation. The gripper head can easily be angled to suit the requirements of the job in hand. attach the gripper head to the handle, and present the lower edge of the head at a shear angle to the rotating workpiece. Adjust the angle until the head rotates at a suitable speed to give a sanding action, the object being sanded causes the disc to rotate. This method keeps the abrasive cool allowing it to last longer, and give a more consistent smooth finish.

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