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150mm Mirka Autonet Sanding Discs 150mm Velours Backed

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150mm Mirka Autonet Sanding Discs 150mm Velours Backed


MIRKA Abranet / Autonet

150mm Mirka Autonet Sanding Discs 150mm Velours Backed

Mirka Autonet Abrasives 150mm Sanding Discs

Mirka Abrasives Autonet 150mm sanding discs are extremely high quality and are durable and long lasting, helped by their excellent extraction properties. Rather than have specific extraction holes for your sander, the pad has thousands of tiny holes that allow the dust through the disc and into the extractor.

Constructed out of aluminium oxide abrasive resin bonded onto a mesh pad Mirka Autonet 150 mm sanding discs have a velours back to fix them onto the velcro backing pad of your sander.

Mirka Autonet is the sister product to Abranet sanding discs, and are ideal for use on automotive body finish work, corian and other hard substrate materials such as lacquers and plastics. They also work well when working with wood products. We supply Autonet up to P800 and Abranet thereafter.

The mixed pack of 25 discs, comprises 5 each of p120, p180 p240, p320 and p400.

Abranet Material
Abranet is a sanding material that is used industry wide for exceptional sanding results. The aluminum oxide net grain design is incredibly long lasting and can be used in a variety of ways.

Backed with a polyamide fabric, the resin over resin bonding and closed coating makes for a quality abrasive product. Abranet abrasive material is available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit every need. It is also available in a variety of grit specifications, including P80-P180, P240, P320, P400, P800 and P1000.

Benefits of Abranet and Autonet 150mm Sanding Discs
Mirka Abranet and Autonet sanding discs offer many benefits over the standard sanding and abrasive products available on the market today. Businesses and individuals alike enjoy the cost savings that these products provide; they do not need to be replaced as often as traditional abrasive products.

Abranet is designed for dry sanding and does not create the dust that is inherent with other sanding materials. A clean workshop, cost savings and a high quality result all make Abranet sanding discs the best available product available today.

All About Mirka Abrasives
Mirka abrasives is a global company that prides itself on its high quality products, its innovative new technologies and its continuing expansion into the global world of dust-free finishing products. A member of the KWH Group, Mirka's headquarters are stationed in Finland and they are developing their brand throughout the world. Their abrasive products are sought after and appreciated by all who choose to use them in their finishing work.

One of Mirka's top selling products is their line of Mirka Abranet sanding discs. Their sanding discs are among the longest lasting and highest quality of all abrasive products available commercially. Along with their innovative flexible abrasive products, Mirka also develops accessories to work alongside their abrasive line. Their customers enjoy the virtually dust-free finishing that Mirka products provide them.

Mirka Abranet and Autonet Products
Mirka Abranet and Autonet  products are the preferred abrasive material due to the high level of quality, professional results and cost effectiveness. Mirka Abrasives are suitable for use in manufacturing, processing (wood, metal and composite,) automotive refinishing and by the home do it yourself or hobbyist.

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