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SIA Abrasives

SIA Abrasives - Excellence in Abrasive Finishing since 1867

Sia Abrasives is a leading manufacturer of abrasives products for automotive metalwork finishing, woodworking, grinding and many other applications.

SIA Abrasives have been manufacturing since 1867 and have over 136 years experience in developing effective abrasives. Since 2008 SIA have been part of the Bosch Power Tools Division and their products are compatible with a wide range of power tool brands. Products produced by SIA Abrasives include:

SIA Wide Sanding Belts

For these SIA abrasives wide sanding belts, a semi-friable aluminium oxide grit is bonded by resin to an F-weight paper and electro-statically coated. Due to the antistatic treatment, using this abrasive results in low dust adhesion to the belt, the workpiece, and the machine. Best suited for hard woods, this abrasive can also work well with MDF and/or chipboard, glass fibre, and UP and PUR lacquers.

SIA Abrasive Rolls

This 1960 siarexx cut roll features a semi-friable aluminium oxide grit bonded by synthetic resin to either a C-weight or B-weight paper. Coated with stearate for decreased clogging, this SIA abrasives product is suited for a wide range of applications by hand or by machine, for dry sanding or wet sanding. In addition, the paper is flexible enough to accommodate varnished curves.

SIA Silicon Carbide Finishing Paper

This 1727 siawat fc roll features a silicon carbide grit bonded by resin over resin to a C-weight paper and electrostatically coated. The paper is flexible enough to be folded and cut to a desired size for use by hand. Sharper but less durable than an aluminium oxide grit, this SIA abrasives product is best suited for limited use over very hard finishes as well as high quality finishes.

SIA Speed Sanding Sponges

Siaspeed abrasive features a mixed silicon carbide and aluminium oxide grit bonded by synthetic resin to either paper or film. As an abrasive foam, it is durable enough to provide a consistent, uniform finish over metal and other contoured shapes. A new stearate concept reduces clogging from sanding dust and the foam backing provides for easy cleaning of the workpiece and the abrasive for re-use.

SIA Sanding Discs

SIA sanding discs can be used for a variety of tasks. The 7940 siaair is best suited for the sanding of mineral surfaces, producing a matte finish, and fine sanding of curved and contoured shapes. The 7240 siacarat features a diamond grit bonded by a synthetic resin to a cloth surface over a foam backing which can absorb any lubricants used during the sanding process.

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